From the upcoming 5-song EP, "SUNSETTER" written by Protolith. This will be released and pressed later this summer. Studio video to come.

Featured on a split with Warm (USA), Sangre Y Tierra (USA) and Бронекот (RU)


last night i sat by my window
wind blowing a gentle breeze through me
moonlight hit my face illuminating shadows inside me
has it come to this?
years go by in seconds
life's pains learned too deep
that which brings gods to their knees and lets giants sleep
i can hear the screams
but when i look they disappear
maybe its not for me
I look to the sky
fireballs a million years away
if i'm so numb why do i feel their flames?


of all that i've lost
things dont seem any different
entering sleep now
i can hear the wind


from Split with Sangre Y Tierra, Warm and Panzercat, track released June 21, 2012
Recorded by Mike Taylor at

Broken Door Studio in CT
The Wooden Basement in CT
& Fast Ass Recordings in CT

Mixed & Mastered by Bucky Masters

Photography by John Kerr of Vit

Thanks to: Mike Taylor and Bucky Masters for their endless patience and sacrifice of time. Peerless mastering. Nick, Jess, Eric, Keenan, Dan, Brian, Jake, Nate, John, Makar, Jesse, all friends and family, anybody who bought merch, and you- the listener/blogger/loudmouth for their/your support of our music.



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