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released October 1, 2015

Recorded and mixed by: Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood
Mastered by: Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East
Summer 2015

Artwork by: Nate Burns (first edition)
Casey Stone-Pirrie (second edition)

Guest Musicians:
David Vaughan - French Horn (Cerulean)
John Becker - Violin (Cerulean)

Email: sys08001@gmail.com



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Protolith Massachusetts

CT/MA post-metal

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Track Name: The Construct
You cannot silence the muzzled mourner
He forever resides within his corner
The setter of pain upon scrolls for the meek
Ink blotted, and red, are the tears on his cheek
Marred words of the ages, lined with knowledge of few
His template of trial, judged with wisdom eschewed
Bereft to the fields of the dead, to his grave
None seek to unravel the secrets he gave
Though solace may come before days far below
When he finally sees; he has never left home
So weary and tired, one last latent cry
This mourner, in silence, will give up and die
Track Name: Reprise
Conscious bleeding, lying, crying for relief
I was lost that day you opened
Your warmth, a home, a blind escape
False discretion, I've seen this place before
An accessible amenity of sorts
Sought not for personal gain
Nor products of strained progression
But every time I'll play the swine
And bank all I have to test the lie
When time is subjected pain
Lost to hope of an old confession
With bloodied strings on hearts divine
All known before this curt reprise
Track Name: Maelstrom
Tranquil empty void,
From a time long ago
Limitless blue
The cold leaves me breathless
And I find myself
Lost in sensation
Dark and full of wonder
Great, tumultuous sea
In the shadows there hides
A presence that shall devour me
Whirling currents drag me down into infinity
Mind and body, torn asunder
A different state of being
Through the darkness, I see myself
But do my eyes deceive me?
Endless power pulls me into waves of clarity
Woe, meaningless toil
Spiraling further down this mortal coil
We see not what is in front of us
The void of life just leaves us ravenous
Woe, without purpose
The drum is beaten and we simply row
Waiting patiently
For that feeling of solace
We may only find in sleep
Intoxicated in reverie
Somber recollections
Found in hazy dreams
Woe, saddest elegy
The bed of thorns that rip and tear
That we ought not remedy
For the fires of this pain
Draws on the strings
That play life's threnody
Track Name: Dimensions
Passing through all dimensions
Leaving the past behind
I've become the seer
Reminiscing all my life
Flashes of birth and withering
Memories abandoned to die
Powerless and serene
Forlorn in sulfur tides
Adrift in the aether
Lost in spans of time
Ascension in all directions
Traversing beams of light
Throes of madness
Burn inside of me
Deluges my senses
Waves of pleasure
Overwhelm my mind
And ignite me in ecstasy
Through the fog
Vivid columns of light
Maddening streams of color
Begin to flood my eyes
I shake with all my might
Kneel before the ivory altar
Tremble in the judgment
Of the all-discerning eye
Infinite omniscience
With no words it speaks
My fate decided
Track Name: The Oath
Long ago I could have remembered
What a herald of beauty life could be
The crest of a man becomes his deepest ravine
To such as me, my ravine is steep
For when daylight fire fades to amber
And the moon awakens from its quaint sleep
My oath will stand at the edge of this world
To fall from red clouds into the earth
There will never be peace again
For mine was buried long ago
There will never be an oath so strong
For these stains are too deep to forget
Long and bitter are the tales of wisdom
Pale and hollow are the words of reason
Track Name: Transcendence
Across frozen oceans
An expanse of frigid glass
The tempest churns grey
Caught in relentless winds of ash
Swallowed in darkness, no sign of day
Ice cracks along the pass
Noxious smoke billows from the crevasse
Gaining courage with each breath
Descending further into the valley of death
Scatter the shards that make me whole
So that I may feel nothing at all
Destroy my mind, extinguish my soul
So that I may become nothing at all
Mist surrounds the pool of memory
Amaranthine, cold and extrasensory
My being, unraveling
Blackened skin flakes away
Hellfire entrances me
Fiendish hands grab at my heels
Pulling - sinking faster
Into the heat of whirling flames
Track Name: Swansong
I gasp for air but need not breathe
My weightless thoughts are mine to keep
A cold repose,
In the ocean of lights we once watched from home
I could have been your friend,
But I'd have been gone by then
Adrift in this sea in the sky
I miss none I left behind
"Death, close my eyes"
"More Geese than Swans now live, more Fools than Wise."
With weary eyes, a teary quiver
The maw of shadow sees that this world grows smaller
I inhale deeply, flooded in light
For now I am sinking with the tide